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There was a time when we never had to worry about the water that came from our faucets, shower heads, toilets, etc. Unfortunately, that time is probably no more. Now, discolored water or high concentration of chlorine or just an overall funny taste to our water is almost a common occurrence with many households today.

At Spartan Clean Water we fix these problems. We take the most precious resource and make it better. We make sure your water is safe and tastes great.

If you believe you have water problems then contact us today. Sign up for a FREE Water Test or call us at 517-331-7082.

Spartan Clean Water

It is recommended by health officials that you test your home water system once per year. And you won’t have to wait for the outcome. We will provide you on-the-spot test results.

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Hear What Our Clients Have To Say

"I was renting a water softener for years from a softener dealer, One day I realized that was wasting my money, They softener wasn't solving my water problems. I was still scrubbing the toilets and shower and sinks, AND I still didn't like the taste of my water. I called Clark's Clean Water, They installed a water filtration system and for just a few dollars more a month, I have wonderful water! I LOVE MY WATER NOW!" - Vicki D.

"For years my wife and I didn't have family or friends over to our house for gatherings because our water was so bad.It smelled like rotten eggs and had tons of iron in it, If you ran a glass of water and let it set you could see things floating in it. Since our water system was put in, We've had two get together's and everyone loves our water. And we've had (3) family members get systems from Clark's Clean Water after seeing what they done with ours." - David J.

Other Types of Water Problems

Discolored Water

If your drinking water is cloudy, tinted or discolored in any way, you may have any number of water problems surrounding this issue.

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Water That Smells Bad

There are a number of odors that can come from your faucet. Obviously, none of them are good. Call Spartan Clean Water today.

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Water That Tastes Bad

Good water should not have any taste, yet so many households have drinking water that tastes like it comes from the city pool.

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Leaky Pipes

Hard water can also do damage to your pipes if not treated properly. It's a problem you may want to handle before it's too late.

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